Free Welding Plant Calibration Template

You have your company welding in place, all of your welding operatives have passed their weld qualifications, the S355 grade steel universal beams you’ve ordered are CE marked and have their complete ladle analysis. You even have the certification and test data for the welding wire you’re using.

The last piece of the puzzle, to ensure that all of your structural steelwork is fully traceable, at every stage, is welding plant calibration.

Your welding procedures will cover you for completing the specified weld, but only within a specific range of amps / volts, in order to limit the heat input.

The only way you can be sure of this, is by having a competent, qualified company test and certify your equipment. 

illustration of a single run fillet weld configuration

Welding Plant Calibration Template

Excel Document: Download

If you are interested in anything related to the joining of metal, including steel welding and steel fabrication, all whilst conforming to the relevant standards, you’ll love our free, easy to use welding heat input calculator!

Welding heat input is an intergral part of understanding how to consistently perform welds that are structurally sound, and conform to the required British standards

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